Social Media Outreach


Use our sample language and graphics below on your social media accounts to let your friends, family and followers know about your participation in this year's SunriseWALKS event!

Sample Language: 

  • When you make a donation to my SunriseWALKS team, you help fund @SunriseDayCamp-LongIsland, the world's first full summer day camp for children with cancer and their siblings, provided completely free of charge. Your support will help relieve the burden on families already struggling emotionally, and quite often, financially, and allow children with cancer and their siblings to enjoy days filled with sports, games, arts & crafts, and friendship. To donate, visit [insert fundraising link]. #SunriseWALKS #WeWalkSoTheyCanSoar
  • I am participating in SunriseWALKS to help raise awareness and funds for @SunriseDayCamp-LongIsland, a program of the Sunrise Association whose mission is to bring back the joys of childhood to children with cancer and their siblings, through the creation of Day Camps, Year-Round Programs, and In-Hospital Recreational Activities, offered free of charge. It costs $6,000 to send one child to camp for the entire summer, where they can forget about hospital beds and needles, and enjoy a summer filled with smiles, laughter and friendship! Join my team at [insert fundraising link], or make a donation today. Every dollar counts and helps give summer back to children affected by pediatric cancer! #SunriseWALKS #WeWalkSoTheyCanSoar
  • Pediatric cancer will not wait - so neither will we! Join SunriseWALKS today, a year-round fundraising campaign that raises awareness and critical funds for @SunriseDayCamp-LongIsland, the world's first full-summer day camp for children with cancer and their siblings, offered completely free of charge. Every dollar raised will help Sunrise continue to bring smiles, laughter and joy to those who need it most! Join my team and/or make a donation at [insert fundraising link]. #SunriseWALKS #WeWalkSoTheyCanSoar
  • I am participating in SunriseWALKS, an annual walkathon event that raises and awareness and funds for @SunriseDayCamp-LongIsland, the world's first full-summer day camp for children with cancer and their siblings, which is completely FREE for all the children they serve! My goal is to raise [insert fundraising goal]. Please consider making a donation to my fundraising page at [insert fundraising link] - every dollar counts! You can also join my SunriseWALKS team and join me on Sunday, June 2 for the event, which is hosted right on the Sunrise Day Camp campground! #SunriseWALKS #WeWalkSoTheyCanSoar

Be sure to tag @SunriseDayCamp-LongIsland and use our hashtags: #SunriseWALKS #WeWalkSoTheyCanSoar


Instagram and Facebook Graphics


Share videos from our Sunrise Association YouTube Channel: 

*All video footage taken prior to 2020.

Create Your Own Video
  • Create a short video testimonial sharing why you are participating in SunriseWALKS and post it on social media! Ask people to donate and/or join your team – the more people fundraising, the more dollars that can be raised.