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The Henry Family

Tamara, Wesley, Zoey, Ziva, & Clive

If anyone knows Zoey, you know that she’s a funny girl who loves to telling dad jokes, taking pictures, sports, filming, dogs, and nature.  You know you need be able keep up with this ball of energy!

Zoey always had her quirks. She was always falling a lot, walking a little funny, and her speech was little off with a slight slur, amongst other little things we thought were normal for Zoey. We just thought it was all a part of growing up- she’ll outgrow it. As parents you don’t think anything is wrong with your child.

In June 2020, she was on a walk around the neighborhood with her sister, cousin, and friends. Later that evening, she was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor (Glioma of the brainstem) and was in the ER right away. She was admitted to inpatient care at Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital at NYU Langone. There, we met with amazing neurologist team, who then introduced to Dr. Sharon Gardner her Oncologist. 

After a few days, Dr. Gardner came and sat me down to explain the 1-year treatment plan she laid created.  Because of that treatment plan, as of
today, Zoey is stable, no longer needs chemo, and just gets brain scans and follow-ups labs.    

We got more than treatment from Dr. Gardner. She knew of Zoey's energetic outgoing personality, and helped her stay a kid despite everything going on. She connected Zoey her and her twin sister Ziva with a special summer camp program that they could attend together- Sunrise Day Camp Long Island.

As Mom, I was skeptical, but when they explained what Sunrise was about; we discussed with Zoey and her sister. Zoey was more than thrilled about it- and her and her sister have been going ever since. We can’t thank Sunrise enough for what they’ve done continue to do.