Social Media Punchcards


Use these "punchcards" on your social media stories to raise funds and awareness for Horizon!

1. Save the punchcard to your phone by taking a screenshot or holding down the image until “Save Image” pops up.

2. Upload the graphic to your Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn Story. Remember: Add your Venmo name so people know where to send their donation!

3. As people Venmo you a donation, complete the task the donation was for (i.e. post a funny video of yourself). 

4. Continue to re-post the graphic and tag the donors social media handles to "cross off" the amount they donated and show your followers they can still donate!

5. As people donate, remember to say thank you!
6. Once you have collected all the donations on Venmo, make a donation to your HorizonWALKS page in that amount and include the note “Venmo donations”
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