Corporate Teams


Forming a Corporate Team 

Local Team – SunriseWALKS Greater Philadelphia


Forming a corporate team for SunriseWALKS is a great way to engage your employees outside of work, offer leadership development opportunities, and build staff morale.  


Get Started 

  • Register the Team: 

  • - Click ‘Register’ to set up your team. 

  • Appoint a Team Captain: 

  • - Designate at least one person, or more depending on the size of your company, to serve as the Team Captain. This individual will play a pivotal role in coordinating and leading the efforts of your Team, ensuring effective communication and collaboration among team members.   

  • Recruit Team Members: 

  • - Encourage team participation by highlighting the power of collective fundraising. Studies show that team walkers tend to raise more money than individual participants. To maximize your impact:   

- Division or Departmental Split: 

- Consider organizing your team based on divisions or departments within your company. This not only fosters team spirit but also adds a friendly element of competition.  

  • - Friendly Fundraising Competition: 

- Introduce a bit of friendly rivalry among divisions or departments. A healthy competition can serve as a motivating factor, driving your fundraising efforts to new heights. 


Remember, the more united and engaged your team, the greater the impact you can make in supporting the mission of Sunrise Association. Get everyone on board and let the friendly competition begin! 


Have questions or need help getting started? Reach out to Suzanne at


National Team – SunriseWALKS

Interested in making a national impact? Reach out to Suzanne Beck, National Director of SunriseWALKS/Peer-to-Peer, at 


National Teams play a vital role in dedicating their time and resources to assistance the Sunrise Association's mission of restoring the joys of childhood to children with cancer and their siblings worldwide. This mission is achieved through the establishment and supervision of inclusive summer day camps, year-round programs, and in-hospital recreational activities—all provided free of charge. Your involvement can contribute significantly to raising awareness and funds on a national scale. Get in touch with Suzanne Beck to explore how you can be part of this impactful initiative. 


To qualify as a National Team, follow these key criteria: 

  • Establish Teams in Multiple Markets: 
  • - Create teams in at least three different markets. 

  • Designate a National Team Captain: 

  • - Appoint a company contact as the National Team Captain to coordinate collaborative efforts. 

  • Set a National Team Goal: 

  • - Define a collective goal for the National Team. 

  • Develop a Strategy: 

  • - Formulate a comprehensive strategy to achieve the set goal on a national level. 

  • Promote Nationwide Participation: 

  • - Actively encourage participation in major locations across the country to amplify the impact of the National Team. 


By meeting these criteria, your team can be recognized as a National Team, contributing significantly to the broader efforts of the Sunrise Association.
For further details or to initiate the process, reach out to Suzanne Beck, National Director of SunriseWALKS/Peer-to-Peer, at