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We can’t wait for next year – our 2nd Annual SunriseWALKS Chicago will be Sunday, October 15, 2023!
We hope to see you there!

More information about participating as a walker or volunteer coming soon.

Thank you for making our 1st annual walk such a success!
SunriseWALKS Chicago raised over $54,000 all because of YOU!!

On Sunday, over 200 supporters came out to celebrate at our 1st Annual SunriseWALKS Chicago. 

To our walkers, fundraisers, volunteers and donors, thank you for giving summer back to children with cancer and their siblings. 

Our hearts are full, and we truly appreciate all of you who support our mission and goal. Because of your generosity, our campers will get to enjoy the magic of Sunrise for the first time this summer!

We will be accepting donations on our SunriseWALKS Chicago website through the end of November. 

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About Sunrise
Sunrise Day Camp brings the simple pleasures of childhood back to children struggling with cancer, changing months of loneliness and isolation into summers filled with sunshine, laughter and happiness. And because Sunrise is a day camp, it does all this while allowing the children to continue their medical treatment and enjoy the comfort and safety of their own homes at night. Unlike most oncology sleep-away camps that are offered for 1-2 weeks each summer, Sunrise Day Camp allows children to attend camp as often as they like.

Our full-summer day camp for children with cancer and their siblings, ages 3 1/2-16, is provided completely free of charge.
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