June 8, 2014
Henry Kaufman Campgrounds
75 Colonial Springs Road
Wheatley Heights, NY 11798


We are excited to celebrate with you as we work to raise funds for our summer day camps and other programs for children with cancer and their siblings.

We are proud to announce that American Airlines is “Letting Good Take Flight” with a fundraising incentive of AAdvantage® miles to SunriseWALKS participants! 

The Miles for Smiles program will award AAdvantage® miles to SunriseWALKS participants who reach the following fundraising goals: 

  • Individuals who raise $6,000 will be awarded 6,000 AAdvantage® miles  
  • Individuals who raise $12,500 will be awarded 12,500 AAdvantage® miles
  • Individuals who raise $18,000+ or more will be awarded 25,000 AAdvantage® miles
  • The Top Individual Fundraiser raising $10,000+ will be awarded an additional 12,500 AAdvantage® miles

It costs approximately $6,000 to send one child to Sunrise Day Camp for the summer. That means when you help a child go to Sunrise Day Camp, you’ll go places, too!  

The following restrictions apply: 

  • Awards are for dollars raised this campaign year 2024 – 4 weeks past your SunriseWALKS registered event date. 
  • Awards are not cumulative: 
  • 6,000 AAdvantage® miles awarded to those that raise $6,000 - $12,499. 
  • 12,500 AAdvantage® miles awarded to those that raise $12,500 - $17,999. 
  • 25,000 AAdvantage® miles awarded to those that raise $18,000+. 
  • 12,500 AAdvantage® miles awarded to the Top Individual Fundraiser $10,000+ (One award per SunriseWALKS event, eight awards in total may be awarded to represent the eight SunriseWALKS events.  This is the only level that is an additional award to the Top individual.) 
  • A maximum of 37,500 miles awarded to one individual participant for one event. 
  • Participants who are registered and fundraise for multiple SunriseWALKS events may be awarded miles for each event but may only receive a maximum of 50,000 miles total. 
  • This offer cannot be redeemed for cash. 
  • Additional restrictions may apply.