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SunriseWALKS has been inspiring communities to come together and give children with cancer a summer of fun, free from the everyday demands of their illness. The money raised from the walk helps pay for children with cancer and their siblings to attend Sunrise Day Camps, free of charge. The only full summer day camps of its kind in the world, Sunrise lets campers forget about their cancer so they can play, run and explore the magic of a carefree summer at camp, while returning to the safety and comfort of their own beds each night. 




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5 year old Cassidy McCarthy became part of the Sunrise Family the summer of 2017. Cassidy has proven to be resilient since she was born, and never more so than over this last year. In October 2016, she was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor, stage 4 cancer. Cassidy, beautiful, sassy, smart, funny, loving and most notably, extremely compassionate, weathered the storm of surgery, chemo, radiation, antibiotic  IVs and constant trips to the hospital or cancer center. 

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The mission of the Sunrise Association is to bring back the joys of childhood to children with cancer and their siblings world-wide, through the creation of Sunrise Day Camps, Year-Round Programs and In-Hospital Recreational Activities, all offered free of charge.

Sunrise Association Day Camps are the world’s only dedicated day camps for children with cancer and their siblings, provided completely free of charge.



SunriseWALKS works all year-round to help raise money for Sunrise Day Camps, so kids with cancer can have the best summer of their lives. We're so happy you've decided to join us. Click a location to donate and/or register to become a walker or team captain, and get access to other event tools.

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