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Join SUSA Academy in giving summer back to children with cancer!

This year, SUSA Academy is partnering with Sunrise Day Camp–Long Island, the world's first full summer day camp for children with cancer and their siblings provided completely free of charge. We are excited to be hosting our first ever SUSA Cares for Sunrise Walk.

By participating, you will be playing a key role in sending more children to Sunrise Day Camp, where they can forget about hospital beds and needles, and enjoy a summer camp filled with smiles, laughter and friendship.

Create or join a Walk Team to fundraise and spread awareness for Sunrise.
Then on May 14, walk with your team to celebrate your success and the Sunrise kids!

Here's how to get started:


• Start fundraising and spreading awareness for Sunrise!
Ask your family, friends and networks to support your efforts with a donation. Check out our easy-to-use fundraising tools here.

• Walk with your teammates on Friday, May 14 at 7:00 pm to celebrate our success and the Sunrise kids. 
If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about Sunrise, contact Lizzie Mancini, Regional Director of SunriseWALKS–Long Island, at lizzie@sunriselongisland.org or 516.634.4012.
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About Sunrise Day Camp–Long Island

Sunrise Day Camp–Long Island is a program of the Sunrise Association, whose mission is to bring back the joys of childhood to children with cancer and their siblings world-wide, through the creation of Day CampsYear-Round Programs, and In-Hospital Recreational Activities, all offered free of charge

It costs $6,000 to send one child to camp for the entire summer.

What we are all experiencing today – the fear of germs, social distancing, constant hand-washing – is what the Sunrise families live with from the moment their child is diagnosed. We are now seeing a window into their world. No matter the obstacles, Sunrise will continue bringing smiles, support, and love to all of their families. 

Click here to learn more about innovative programs the Sunrise Association has developed throughout the pandemic and our plans for summer 2021!

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In the Spotlight

Sunrise Day Camp-LI Partners with SUSA to Help Children with Cancer

Sunrise Day Camp-LI, part of the Sunrise Association, has partnered with the incredible soccer organization, SUSA Academy, to raise money for children with cancer and provide them with the best summer day camp experience imaginable. The SUSA players, coaches and parents have all done an incredible job so far in their efforts in this fundraiser and Sunrise could not be more thankful. 
With the help of SUSA leadership, it was decided that the organization will host the SUSA Cares for Sunrise Walk. This walk will be held for their players on Friday, May 14 at 7:00 pm to celebrate SUSA's fundraising success and the Sunrise kids. In just two weeks, with the walk scheduled a month from now, SUSA members have already raised an incredible $10,000 in preparation for the walk. We at Sunrise could not be more enthused at the results of our new partner's success, positivity, and support.
Sunrise is looking forward to a long-lasting, impactful partnership with SUSA Academy as we jointly support children affected by pediatric cancer. Please visit https://www.sunrise-walks.org/susa for more information.