SunriseWALKS - Long Island

June 10, 2018

Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds
75 Colonial Springs Road
Wheatley Heights, NY 11798


Check out the SunriseWALKS Punch Card

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Social media is one of the fastest growing and most effective ways to fundraise.

One exciting new tool is the Social Media Punch Card!

Sure, it looks pretty, but how does it work?

1. S
ave the Punch Card to your phone by taking a screenshot or holding down the image until "save image" pops up. If you have any issues downloading the image, please email 

2. Upload the Punch Card to your Instagram or Facebook story (add your Venmo name so people know where to send the money).

3. Share a short explanation so people know what you're asking for and why.

4. As people Venmo you a donation, tag their social media handle on the Punch Card and "cross off" the amount they donated.

5. Every time a donation is received, re-post the updated Punch Card. People appreciate being recognized for their good work!

6. If you're using Instagram stories, search "Sunrise Day Camp" in the Gif section - we have adorable Sunrise Gifs for you to use!

7. Make sure to say thank you and add the URL to your SunriseWALKS Team page!

Please keep in mind you'll have to make a donation to your Team page using the money that was donated to your Venmo account.

If you have any questions about how to use the Punch Card, please contact Emily at OR 516.634.4015