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Join Me in Bringing Summer Back to Children with Cancer! 
Help me bring the magic of summer back to children with cancer and their siblings by supporting Sunrise Day Camp-Staten Island! On Sunday, June 9, 2024, we're coming together at the Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds for the annual SunriseWALKS event. 
On Sunday, June 9, 2024, I am taking part in SunriseWALKS Staten Island, an annual walkathon devoted to raising vital funds and awareness for Sunrise Day Camp-Staten Island. This isn't just any camp; it's the world's first full-summer day camp for children with cancer and their siblings, provided entirely free of charge. 
Why Your Support Matters: Sunrise Day Camp, along with its Year-Round Programming and In-Hospital Recreational Activities, brings back the simple joys of childhood to hundreds of children affected by pediatric cancer. Your contribution can make a genuine difference in ensuring these resilient kids enjoy the magic of summer. 
How You Can Make a Difference: 
1. Make a Donation: Every contribution, regardless of size, directly supports these children and their families. Your generosity can create lasting memories and bring smiles to their faces. 
2. Join SunriseWALKS: Consider walking alongside me on June 2nd to show your support. Together, we can make a powerful impact and bring the joy of summer to those who need it most. 
3. Save the Date: Sunday, June 9, 2024 at the Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds.

4. Please Donate Today: it's easy, just click on the donate button in the right upper corner. 
Let's walk together, let's make a difference, and let's restore the sunshine for these incredible children. 
With heartfelt gratitude, 
#SunriseWALKS #WeWalkSoTheyCanSoar 


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