RISE UP for Sunrise


Join RISE UP for Sunrise! A weekend long fitness & wellness expo to benefit the Sunrise Association!

When: June 4th - June 6th
*Please note that all class times listed are in EST.

: All classes will be held on Zoom unless otherwise stated in the ticket. Zoom links will be sent prior to class.

All donations will help children with cancer RISE UP this summer! 

To make a general donation, please scroll down to the bottom of the page!

RISE UP FOR SUNRISE supports the Sunrise Association whose mission is to bring back the joys of childhood to children with cancer and their siblings world- wide through the creation of Day Camps, Year-Round Programs and In-Hospital Recreational Activities, all offered free of charge. This year, the cost of sending one child to camp for the entire summer is $7500. 

To learn more about the SunriseWALKS, or how you can get involved, please visit www.sunrise-walks.org/longisland.

Ticket Information

CYCLE with Randi: 6/4 @ 6-7 PM EST

Clip in, connect and let go of all that no longer serves you with this 45 minutes inspirational ride. Randi has been leading group fitness classes for over 15 years and her passion for episode shows up big time when she gets to teach. What to expect from her class is a bangin' playlist, good vibes only and lots of sweat! Grab a towel, something to hydrate with and be ready to have a good time!


HAPPY HOUR MUSCLE AND MIND CONNECTION with Cher and Chris: 6/4 @ 7-8 PM EST [in person or Zoom]

Whether you believe you can or cannot, you are correct! In this class we'll play the edges of our physical limitations, engaging your mind and challenging the limiting beliefs of our abilities along the way. This class is NOT to be missed, Cher & Chris will guide you to crushing your personal goals like never before!


YOGA STYLE CORE with Bradford Shreve: 6/5 @ 8-8:30 AM EST

Yoga inspired slow burn style abs 30 min flow. Challenges your core in 360 degrees.



Rumble-Training Inspired Bodyweight HIIT class


YOGA with Dina Ivas: 6/5 @ 9:30-10:30 AM EST

Enjoy 1 hour of empowering Vinyasa yoga focusing on alignment and stress release. Move, breathe and let go with me during this fun flow. Class is friendly to everyone!


MMA CARDIO with Steve Feinberg: 6/5 @ 10-11 AM EST

Shadow Do:HIPBOX (s)mashup! Is Shadow-Do is a challenging combination of kickboxing, cardio boxing, and kung fu drills created by career martial artist, Steve Feinberg. This rhythmic marriage of authentic technique and cardio exercise set to driving beats will keep you feeling powerful, and your energy as high as possible!


YOGA with Corbin Stacy: 6/5 @ 10-11 AM EST

Our healing classes at yoga hOMe® always begin lying down on your backs, focusing on proper breathing and physical and mental relaxation. We start with a gentle warm up that prepares the hips, lower back, shoulders and neck for a safe practice! We move from pose to pose with conscious breathing and we challenge the practitioner into safe asanas (poses) gradually developing a sense of presence and empowerment.  Most classes are infused with incense, white sage, lavender and Palo Santo elements so if you have them at hOMe, #KeepYogaWeird This class will leave you feeling grounded, connected, empowered and relaxed.


BARRE with Michele Rogowsky: 6/5 @ 10:30-11:15 AM EST

Sculpt, lengthen and tone your body with a class that combines elements of ballet, Pilates and dance


DANCE CARDIO with Janeil Mason: 6/5 @ 11-11:30 AM EST

Fun high energy easy to follow dance cardio!



About bodyART:
bodyART™ by Robert Steinbacher is a holistic, functional, mindbody training system combining strength, cardio, flexibility and classical breathing techniques. Based on the principles of Yin and Yang and the 5 elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine, bodyART™ training blends a dynamic link between active and passive movement, allowing a greater sense of balance in the body. Many of the movements in bodyART™ are inspired by yoga, pilates, Tai Chi, martial arts, and tribal dance creating a synergy of physical training and mental relaxation. Classes are designed to meet the needs of each individual by offering multiple levels of difficulty for each exercise in this challenging barefoot workout. All levels welcome! Let's go on a movement journey together!


HIIT BODYWEIGHT WORKOUT with Lee Jimenez: 6/5 @ 12-12:30 PM EST

Asset Tension - This is a lower body conditioning resistance band workout designed to stabilize and strengthen your hamstrings/Glutes. Hold on to your bands and beat the clock with 30 sec intervaled movements. 


KIDZBOXING with Steve Feinberg: 6/5 @ 12-12:45 PM EST

The basics of cardio boxing, presented in a fun and physical way for young students to get skills, sweat, and smiles!



This 45 minute class combines the basics of boxing with resistance training to build strength and cardio fitness while boosting your energy, mood and confidence! Suitable for beginners and modifications will be offered for those without access to weights.


YOGA with Courtney Sheber: 6/5 @ 5-5:45 PM EST

Energizing all-levels vinyasa flow class


YOGA & MEDITATION with Marni Goldner: 6/5 @ 5-6 PM EST

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation is called the yoga of awareness. It awakens us to our divine connection, our realization that we are infinite beings having a physical experience. Through Kriya’s (yoga sets), Pranayama (breath exercises) and Meditation we activate the glandular and energetic system (chakras) of the body rising the kundalini energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine. We use mudras (hand positions), dristi (eye focus) and mantras (repetitive sounds) to help achieve a state of bliss, connection, alignment and inspiration. We experience relief from emotional, physical and spiritual pain. We are given tools that can be used anytime and anywhere to help navigate the challenges of life gracefully and skillfully.

Visit www.MarniYoga.com to learn more!



This class will take you through a total body circuit training interval workout that will challenge your strength and endurance. There will be adjustments to make this less or more intense so its suitable for all levels.


VINYASA FLOW with Cher: 6/6 @ 10-11 AM EST [In Person or Zoom]

This all level practice will incrementally walk you into a goal yoga pose, holding space for you to work and explore at your own pace while observing your personal operating systems when encouraged to step outside of your personal comfort zone. Practice will conclude with a guided meditation


ZUMBA with Bernadette Fejszes: 6/6 @ 10-10:55 AM EST

Join me for a fun fitness and dance. You want to travel around the world with music, rhythms and dance moves, want to feel sexy, confident, energized, strong, recharged, sassy while you are partying and burning lots of calories. Join the fun.


YOGA with Amy Dieterle: 6/6 @ 10-11 AM EST

Flow and Restore is a fun, Vinyasa class with tunes you love! Get ready to move, breathe, stretch, and chill! This class is versatile and open for all levels, as I love to give lots of options. Can't wait to see you on the mat!


DANCE & SCULPT with Christy & Sharon: 6/6 @ 11-11:50 AM EST

This is an interval training class with fun music, where we alternate between dance moves with easy-to-follow choreography to get your heart rate up and then switch to 3-5 minutes of sculpting moves, all of which will provide a full-body workout!


YOGANIDRA & MEDITATION with Marni Goldner: 6/6 @ 11AM-12PM EST

Yoga Nidra is called the yoga of sleep; we bring our body and mind into the most comfortable, restful position while being guided into present moment awareness. This combination allows us to access and clear subconscious patterns and attachments that are stuck and unhelpful. We are then able to plant seeds of intention to align ourselves to our souls highest good. We tap into realms of consciousness and travel to different times and spaces. We can heal lifetimes of trauma and create pathways towards peace and bliss.

Visit www.MarniYoga.com to learn more!


STRONG NEW YORK with Kenny Santucci: 6/6 @ 12-1 PM EST

A combination of HIIT, strength and conditioning, and running designed to make you stronger, faster, and more fit. We will use battle ropes, kettlebells, dumbbells, TRX, bands, wall balls and more!


TOTAL BODY HIIT/BOOTCAMP with Kyle Bergman: 6/6 @ 12-12:30 PM EST

Cardio focused class with bodyweight-only exercises and higher rep counts that will get your heart rate up and challenge your body! Modifications and options always provided based on athlete skill level. Very Sweaty.


BODYART with Ryan Daniel Beck: 6/6 @ 1-1:45 PM EST

A physical therapy based approach to movement training. The class will improve your cardiovascular stamina, prevent injuries, reduce pain, and create sustainable longevity for your hips, knees, shoulders, back, ankles, elbows and wrists.


BARRE with Lydia Magnoli: 6/6 @ 2-2:45 PM EST

Barre inspired Total Body sculpting


HIIT with Kayla Bonina: 6/6 @ 3-3:30 PM EST

SMART HIGH INTENSITY FUNCTIONAL TRAINING FOR ALL FITNESS LEVELS You'll torch up to 500 calories in a 30 minute class. And you'll work hard enough to keep burning extra calories for up to a whole day after your workout. It's not just about looking fit, It's about being fit too. SH1FT will not only improve your fitness, but also strength, mobility, balance, speed and agility (and your abs... if that's what you're after).


YOGA/STRETCH with Corey Heyman: 6/6 @ 4 -5 PM EST


HIIT with Fabian Traugutt: 6/6 @ 4-4:45 PM EST

My signature hiit class "F-BOMB" is a total body workout that will leave you feeling sore and sweaty!


MEDITATION with Sarah: 6/6 @ 6-7 PM EST

Finish out this amazing weekend with some calming breaths and refocus for the week to come.

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