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Gillian Landau

Hi everyone! As many of you know, my family has been fundraising yearly for the Sunrise Walk. Sunrise is a day camp, free of charge, for kids with cancer and their siblings. I have already worked at Sunrise for two summers and am beyond ecstatic about my upcoming third. Sunrise has become an extremely special place for my whole family over the past few years, and I am excited to start fundraising again for the 2023 walk!

In order to keep Sunrise running and thriving around the world, fundraising for the SunriseWalk is extremely important. This year, I am a co-captain for my annual team, Team Port. It’s my fifth year of fundraising together, and I'm so excited to start. Although the walk seems far from now, I urge you to begin helping us fundraise and to register now. Every penny we raise counts over these next few months. I can confidently say that everything we raise is put towards something truly amazing and life-changing for so many kids and families. Thank you so much for helping these children have a lifetime experience, and we hope you can walk with us on June 11th! Make sure to check out Team Port's page!!

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