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Tracee Cohen

Tracee Cohen

With the uncertainty this year surrounding in person camp for Immunocompromised children, we gave Austin the choice to instead attend other local and very nice camps this summer with his friends. I was taken aback by his reaction of crying. Sunrise is HIS magical and special camp and has a place in his heart like no other. It doesn't have the fanciest trapezes, or basketball courts, or even swim lessons but happiness the camp excudes is like nothing I have ever seen. The counselors and staff are the heart of the camp and make each camper feel special despite the hardships they are going through.

So please donate on behalf of Austin so he and the many other campers can continue to experience Sunrise FREE of charge because of donations from generous people like you. We are thrilled Sunrise will be able to safely have in person camp this year and Austin can't wait to return! Thank you!!!

SUNRISEWALKS WILL BE HELD ON SUNDAY, JUNE 27, 2021 and will consist of an online Opening Ceremony, followed by a walk with family and friends in the community.

With gratitude,

#SunriseWALKS #WeWalkSoTheyCanSoar


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