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Marc Heppen

Marc Heppen

Help give summer back to children with cancer and their siblings by making a donation to my SunriseWALKS fundraising page! 

SunriseWALKS is an annual walkathon event that raises critical funds and awareness for  Sunrise Day Camp–Long Island , the world’s first full-summer day camp for children with cancer and their siblings, offered completely free of charge. Sunrise Day Camp, along with their Year-Round Programming and In-Hospital Recreational Activities, brings back the simple joys of childhood to hundreds of children who are impacted by pediatric cancer. 

SunriseWALKS will be held on Sunday, June 27, 2021  and will consist of an online Opening Ceremony, followed by a walk with family and friends in your own community. 

Please consider making a donation today and/or joining SunriseWALKS to help raise much needed funds for these children.

With gratitude, 

#SunriseWALKS #WeWalkSoTheyCanSoar


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To help our children is to secure a better future...
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