Help me climb to the top for Sunrise!

On the weekend of August 26, I am participating in a new kind of endurance challenge. I am climbing 29,029 feet uphill in 36 hours- the equivalent of climbing Mount Everest.

Please support me in my climb to the top by making a donation on my behalf to the Sunrise Association, whose mission is to bring back the joys of childhood to children with cancer and their siblings worldwide. Sunrise accomplishes this through the creation and oversight of welcoming, inclusive summer day camps, year-round programs and in-hospital recreational activities, all offered free of charge. It costs $6,000 to send one child to camp for the entire summer, any donation will make a huge impact in the lives of children with cancer.

To learn more about the Sunrise Association, please visit:
To learn more about Everesting and the impact of this challenge, please visit:

Thank you for supporting my climb to the top for Sunrise!

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