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Jill Huey

Jill Huey

I am so GRATEFUL for you because of your generosity.

Thank you for the big and small ways you have supported Horizon Day Camp in the past.

Every gift matters here because we are funded only through donations!

Last September, I created a very personal fundraising campaign to honor and give support to a friend in the fight of her life. I created Team Naranja for our Annual Walk - HorizonWALKS to instill love, strength and sunshine during a time I felt I could do nothing else.
Horizon Day Camp exemplifies EVERYTHING orange. We never focus on illness just living life now and bringing back joy to children with cancer and siblings who have endured years of cancer treatment. We heal families and put smiles back on children's faces.

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month - I am challenging my friends to make it Childhood Cancer ACTION month!

Horizon Day Camp is funded 100% by donations and provided free to Families - programs that are not only for a day or a week-- but all year long. Thank you in advance for giving the gift of camp...

Kindness matters, Jill


Horizon Day Camp - Summer 2020

Always Together - Horizon Day Camp


Thank you for your GIFT OF CHILDHOOD JOY

Thank you for your GIFT OF CHILDHOOD JOY


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