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The A Team - Kids Helping Kids

The A Team - Kids Helping Kids

Thank you for visiting my page. Aurora Camp is a cause very dear to me as I love camp and am also proud of my dad's passion for taking care of cancer patients. I am walking in loving memory of my Grandpa Jerry who suffered from cancer. I would appreciate all the support I can get no matter how small! I hope you will all join me in walking on April 13th!

- Abigail

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1. MBMartin Barrett
Your Aunt and I are so proud of you.
2. LJLisa Jacobson
Happy to help support such a great cause!
3. SBSharone Bolnick
What a wonderful mitzvah project! I'm so proud of you!!
4. KSKim Sergent
Way to go, Abigail!
5. AAmy, Evan, Zachary & Ryan
What a great mitzvah project. Thank you for educating all of us about this wonderful camp.
6. LFLisa Freedman