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SunriseWALKS Staten Island

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Welcome to Chemo - Banjany- Weiss Comedy Night's Page

Chemo - Banjany- Weiss Comedy Night

Chemo - Banjany- Weiss Comedy Night

Our 3rd annual Sunrise Comedy night will be held this July. We have been very fortunate to raise over $20,000 the last 2 years. Sunrise Day Camp has been a wonderful experience for children with cancer and their families to enjoy a fun filled summer. Last year, 70 children with cancer and their siblings attended the Lucille & Jay Chazanoff Sunrise Day Camp free of charge. For six weeks, they forgot about cancer, hospitals, treatments and being different. For this summer, starting on July 9th, there are already 30 more children who hope to attend.

Be part of a Collective Sponsorship

We don’t want to disappoint a single child and you can help.

I’m asking 24 people to donate $250 each and, collectively, the cost of one child will be covered ($6,000).

What might be too much for one person, can be done together! Collectively, let’s cover the cost of sending one of these children to camp.

Please donate on this page to make your contribution. On their behalf, I Thank you

Best - Chemo - Banjany- Weiss



raised of $6,000 goal

Recent Donations

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Great work Solomon!
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Joanne Nicolo - Comedy Night Tickets
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Team Chemo - Banjany- Weiss Comedy Night