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Welcome to The SuperZoe Sidekicks's Team Page

The SuperZoe Sidekicks

The SuperZoe Sidekicks

Every superhero needs a sidekick! You may not have had the chance to meet a real life superhero before, you might have even been told they don’t exist. Well, they do, and you can come out and support a very special one on Sunday, October 14th. Her name is Zoe and she is 4 years old. In late May of this year her family heard the dreaded and devastating words “it’s cancer.” But this little superhero is fighting back with the mighty super powers of faith, a strong will to live, and 25 weeks of cancer-killing chemotherapy. Zoe has been a superhero through it all!

Zoe and her family have been a shining example of the kind of courage, strength, determination, and unrelenting love that it takes to make it though the day to day challenges of living with Cancer. Through this difficult journey, Sunrise Day Camp has given Zoe a place to go that allows her to be herself, amongst other kids who are going through similar circumstances and challenges. This organization is a life line for so many, and we wanted to give back! If you would like to join us in supporting a camp that supports so many, please consider joining our team and walking with us on Sunday, October 14th! Our goal is to raise $6,000 to cover the cost of one child to attend camp for the summer. Thank you for supporting our real life superhero, Zoe. This cause is very dear to our team, and we appreciate all the support we can get! Together we can make a difference for the many families affected by cancer! - The SuperZoe Sidekicks

Aileen McNamara
  • PBPete Borella
Catherine Feuerstein
  • JFJulia Feuerstein
  • LFLucas Feuerstein
  • AFAdelyn Feuerstein
Emily Nelson
  • CNChristopher Nelson
  • ENEleanora Nelson
  • SNSpencer Nelson
Lynda Nienstedt
  • ENEd Nienstedt
  • WNWill Nienstedt
  • JNJames Nienstedt
Hope Andreevski
  • AAAnthony Andreevski
  • AAAntonia Andreevski
  • AAAlexa Andreevski
Maria Fiorentino
  • AFAnthony Fiorentino
  • MFMichael Fiorentino
  • AFAva Fiorentino
Janice Busam
  • DBDoug Busam
  • SBSarah Busam
Mike Falkenstern
  • KFKim Falkenstern
  • JFJake Falkenstern
  • AFAvery Falkenstern
Marie Notarangelo
  • CNCooper Notarangelo
  • DNDylan Notarangelo


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