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Samantha Rosenberg

Samantha Rosenberg

Hi everyone!

This past summer I worked at Sunrise Day Camp- Long Island. Being able to spend my summer with these amazing campers was truly inspiring. I got to watch all of my campers grow, and I got to see the smiles on their faces everyday. Sunrise Day Camp is life changing and I want to help Sunrise send more campers so that they can have an amazing summer! Camp is a safe place for all of these children to be themselves and have a great summer with their friends. This cause is very dear to me and I appreciate all of the support that I can get. Please join me on June 28th at SunriseWALKS-Long Island to help send many more children to Sunrise to have an unforgettable summer!

Love, Samantha


We are almost there! I couldn't do it without everyone!

Thank you to everyone who venmoed me to help me reach my goal!


Thank you to all of these people for helping me reach my goal!


raised of $500 goal

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1. JJJill & Chuck Jainchill
Will put in for match from company (AIG).
2. LZLynn And Paul Zolenge
We are proud of you Samantha! Your dedication, sincerity and love for what you do is reflected in your hard work! We are SO proud of you
3. Samantha Rosenberg
Thank to those who venmoed me again! I really appreciate it!
4. BRBeth And Brian Rosenberg
So happy to support Samantha. We know how much Sunrise means to you!
5. Samantha Rosenberg
Thank you to all of the people that venmoed me money to help me reach my goal!
6. Samantha Rosenberg

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