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Michelle Taplin

Michelle Taplin

Dear friends and family,

As many of you know, I am fortunate to work for Sunrise Day Camp- the worlds only full summer day camp for children with cancer and their siblings, provided completely free of charge. On June 2nd we are having a huge walkathon and family carnival to raise money and send these kids to camp. It costs $6,000 to send one child to camp for the summer. Our goal this year is to raise $1,000,000!

This cause is very dear to me, and I appreciate all the support I can get.Together we play a key role in sending more children to Sunrise Day Camp where they can enjoy an environment filled with excitement, friendship, and adventure – where the focus changes from hospital beds and needles to swimming pools and paint brushes.

Please consider donating to my team, joining me on Sunday, June 2nd at SunriseWALKS-Long Island, or reaching out to inquire about additional information. Thank you SO SO much! Any help is good help.

Much love,
Drama Michelle



raised of $500 goal

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We are proud of you too Michelle.
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What a very nice thing your doing. Good luck!!!!
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