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Max Pinsky

Max Pinsky

I'm walking for Sunrise Day Camps! Click the donate button above to help send children to Sunrise, the world’s only dedicated day camps for children with cancer and their siblings. Children attend these camps completely free of charge, so your donation has a major impact on the lives of these kids. Thank you for your support!


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Recent Donations

1. LSLisa Siano
2. SSShelley Schollmeyer
3. MOMichael J O'Neill
Dear Mr. Pinsky, I admire and applaud the great good work you do for children, inside and outside of Midwood. May all your loved ones and you receive a hundredfold reward for looking out for these little ones!
4. TThe Serpe Family
This cause is near and dear to our hearts too since an elementary school friend of Matt's attended this camp. He has since passed away but he loved his experiences at Sunrise Day camp.
5. VVenmo Donation
6. MRMary Russo
Thank you for all the good you do!

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