Since we have been here in Oyster Bay one fact is abundantly clear, it is one of the most supportive communities around. Today we are here to let you know that our community has a child that is battling a very serious condition. She is by far one the bravest people we have ever met. Through each obstacle she finds a way to smile and bring joy to the people around her. In the past, this child has attended Sunrise Day Camp on Long Island. This amazing camp allows children with cancer, as well as their siblings to attend a fun filled camp tuition free! This allows children going through treatment the opportunity to spend their days enjoying fun activities while staying close to home for treatments. On June 2nd we will be walking in honor of our brave student to show her and her family our unconditional support and love. If you would like to join our team (Unicorns By The Bay) for the walk, or just make a donation to the Sunrise Day Camp, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for always being such supportive community! Love,