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SunriseWALKS Long Island

Welcome to Justin’s Happy Place!

Justin’s Happy Place

Justin’s Happy Place

Hello everyone! Thank you for coming to my page in not only support of Justin’s Happy Place but to continue supporting Sunrise Day Camp. This is an amazing place and with all of your support and help we can continue allowing the children to come to Camp for free! So please donate what you can and continue to share our team. Let’s team together to continue letting Sunrise Shine Bright!! Love you all :)



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1. GRGina Ramos
2. RHRoxanne Holloway
In honor of Justin, and all of the kids that have entered the gates of Sunrise, who had summers of pure fun and joy!
3. ?Anonymous
Thank you for being amazing coworkers and donating!
4. DHDawn Holloway
God Bless you guys for continuing the Sunrise legacy
5. LGLauren Grab
6. SSelena