Memorial Day Challenge

SunriseWALKS - Long Island

June 10, 2018

Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds
75 Colonial Springs Road
Wheatley Heights, NY 11798


"Fill The Sunrise Bucket" Challenge
Social media is one of the most effective ways to fundraise!
Participate in our Fill The Sunrise Bucket Challenge by following the instructions below.

1. Save the two images below to your camera roll on your phone by taking a screenshot or holding down the image until "save image" populates.

2. Upload both images to your Instagram and/or Facebook Stories & add your Venmo name to the second image so people know where to send donations. 

3. Share the first image before the second image on your story so people know what you're asking for and why.

4. Once you have $50 in donations, complete the first challenge by posting a photo of your favorite summer picture to your story. Be sure to tag the people who donated to you!

5. As you continue to collect donations and reach each milestone, continue posting yourself completing the challenges and tagging your friends.

6. Once you fill your Sunrise bucket, be sure to tag 3 friends to do their own Fill The Sunrise Bucket Challenge!

Text-a-Thon Challenge

Easy as 1-2-3!

1. Create a short, personal text message telling everyone about your support for the SunriseWALKS Virtual Campaign & Celebration and copy/paste your fundraising URL into the message.

"I'm participating in the SunriseWALKS Virtual Campaign & Celebration on June 28 to help raise awareness and funds for the Sunrise Association, whose mission is to bring back the joys of childhood to children with cancer and their siblings through Day Camps, Year-Round Programs and In-Hospital Recreational Activities, offered free of charge! Every dollar counts. Click the link to donate! [Insert URL]

2. Text this message to family, friends, co-workers and anyone who can help support this cause.

3. Watch the donations come in and your fundraising total go up!

Facebook Fundraiser

Click the button below to learn how you can set up a Facebook Fundraiser through your SunriseWALKS page!