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SunriseWALKS Long Island

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Welcome to the Blumberg family’s page

Stacey And Steve Blumberg

Stacey and Steve Blumberg

Thank you for visiting. Our 17-year-old daughter Brooke will be volunteering as a counselor at Sunrise Day Camp this summer, and our family is excited to support this amazing organization. Together we play a key role in sending more children to Sunrise Day Camp where they can enjoy an environment filled with excitement, friendship, and adventure – where the focus changes from hospital beds and needles to swimming pools and paint brushes.

We hope you consider joining us for the walk on June 10th and/or donating to this great cause. Thanks so much.

Best - Stacey, Steve, Brooke and Emma



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Better late than never. Congratulations on the great work you did
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Great work...keep it up! Doc Tep
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