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Taylor Placido

Taylor Placido

Thank you for visiting my 2019 SunriseWALKS page!!

I decided to be a captain for the team Sunrise HEROS because Sunrise has changed my life for the better. Now it’s my turn to give back!

Sunrise Day Camps are the world's only full summer day camps for children with cancer and their siblings, offered completely free of charge.

It costs $6,000 to send one child to camp for the entire summer.

Being a counselor at Sunrise for the past three years has allowed me to see the direct impact that this camp has on these kids; They get to run, swim, play soccer, do arts and crafts and SOO much more. They get to be kids at Sunrise Day Camp!

Please join and support me in giving back summer to children with cancer and their siblings. Because until there’s a cure, there’s Sunrise Day Camp!

Thank you, Taylor


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