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Amelia Knudsen

Amelia Knudsen

Hey ! Thanks for donating to this cause. Two years after being diagnosed and i am still fighting! I have the chance to enjoy life everyday because of my wonderful team of doctors and nurses from Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC,and my family and friends support and love. Don't get me wrong, it has been a tough journey but i am determined. My brain tumors are shrinking and I am winning at life. I am accepting donations now until June and all money collected goes towards giving children with cancer the chance to explore their creativity, make connections, and just simply enjoy life. Every penny counts, thank you all so much!
The walk is June 2, let’s reach that goal.
Best - Amelia


raised of $850 goal

Recent Donations

1. GSGila Shalom
Dear Amelia We wish you the best healthy future Love Gila
2. BEBlythe Earle-Worster
Eddie's dtr. Sending prayers! God bless!
3. RSRoni Shetrit
You make us proud Mia!! You are one incredible lady! ❤️
4. jcJon Crose
Go go melvin
5. KKKathryn Knudsen
So proud of you Mia!! Love you so much!!
6. JEJane Egitto

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