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Team Runs On Iced Coffee

Team Runs On Iced Coffee

Thank you for visiting. This cause is very dear to our team, and we appreciate all the support we can get! Together we can make a difference! - Team Runs On Iced Coffee

Sarah Grasmick
  • NGNancy Grasmick
Jillian Pinkard
  • WPWally Pinkard
  • RPRoxy Pinkard
  • APAlex Pinkard
Blair Storzer
  • RSRoman Storzer
  • SSSimone Storzer
  • MSMaxine Storzer


raised of $2,500 goal

12 Walkers

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1. JJohn and Cricket
So grateful for the opportunity to participate. LUC4U
2. NGNancy Grasmick
3. TDTrisha Davis
4. JBJoseph Barrazotto
Go SG! I recommend cold brew
5. NGNancy Grasmick
6. MMary-Ann & Wally Pinkard