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Jill Huey

Jill Huey

I am beyond fortunate to work for an organization that BRINGS THE SUN each and every day to the BRAVEST Among us:
children who are cancer SURVIVORS and the loving Brothers and Sisters who support them.

Thank you for joining me in GIVING your treasure your time and most of all YOUR LOVE..

Philanthropy makes it ALL possible… Horizon Day Camp programs are 100% free to families and funded 100% through the kind generosity of others.

Love and Peace, Jill


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1. CKColleen Clark Karnicki
Sorry this is late! Love you & am so proud of your work. xo
2. tsTracie Sadowski
3. BDBrian J. DeFilippis
Jill, Best of luck with the walk and your terrific work on behalf of Horizon Day Camp. You are doing incredible work for a very worthy cause. All the best, Brian
4. CBCindy Buckwalter
5. BHBeth Bartz Hoffmann
Jill - they are so lucky to have you on their team. God bless you!
6. ?Anonymous
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