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For ten years, SunriseWALKS has been inspiring communities to unite for a cause and give children with cancer a summer free from the everyday demands of their illness. The money raised here helps pay for children with cancer and their siblings to attend Sunrise Day Camp free of charge, so their families don't have to. The only full summer day camp of its kind in the world, Sunrise lets campers forget about their cancer so they can play, run, and explore the magic of summer like a kid, the way you remember it,while returning to the safety and comfort of their own beds each night.

SunriseWALKS - June 5,2016

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Thanks to SunriseWALKS, Sunrise Day Camps give children with cancer the chance to explore their creativity, make connections and enjoy life in a way they never thought possible. There are many opportunities for you to get involved: make a donation, become a SunriseWALKS team captain or walker, volunteer your time during the event, or become a corporate partner.




Since her very first smile, Amanda has always sparkled with happiness and light.  Eager to learn and to explore the world, she has always embraced new experiences with equal amounts of energy and enthusiasm -- from her first dance class at the age of four to her very first day at Sunrise Day Camp just a few months ago.

But not all new experiences have been easy.   In November 2014, Amanda was just a normal second grader with a very busy schedule that included dance and gymnastics classes, piano lessons, cheerleading practice and frequent play dates and birthday parties.   Her energy made her seem like the very picture of health, and her enthusiasm kept her going in spite of a persistent cold and frequent fevers that just kept coming back.  Something wasn't right, and her pediatrician recommended a blood test.  Less than twenty-four hours later, Amanda was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  

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Sunrise Day Camps operated by the Friedberg and Rosenthal JCCs are 501(c)3 not-for-profit organizations founded in 2006. They are part of the Sunrise Association whose mission is to give children with cancer the best summer of their lives through the fun and active experience of summer camp. The only full summer day camp in the world for children with cancer and their siblings, we are dedicated to creating an environment filled with excitement, friendship and adventure where the focus changes from hospital beds and needles to swimming pools and paintbrushes.

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SunriseWALKS works all year-round to help raise money for Sunrise Day Camps, so kids with cancer can have the best summer of their lives. We're so happy you've decided to join us. Click a location below to donate, register to become a walker or team captain, and get access to other event tools.